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Hotel Astoria

Project information
Our service Architecture
Year 2018
Location #21 D.Chonkadze St. / Tbilisi
Area 10 000 Sqm
Project status In progress
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava / Vakhtang Tskhovrebashvili / Amiran Shariphashvili
Project description

The building was rehabilitated to its present appearance in 1972, however, in previous years it has undergone some transformations, both visual and functional. Considering that the existing building has a hundred-year history, we decided to rebuild the original construction, add a second modern, simple block to it, which would emphasize the image and the importance of the main block and suit to the function of the hotel as much as possible. The new minimalist block is located in depth, away from the main highway that helps it to move to the background and focus on the central facade.

The main block of the hotel represents an identical copy of the building which was constructed on the same location in 1914 and consists of one basement, one ground and one upper ground floors; as for the second new block, it contains two basement, one ground and seven upper ground floors.

In order to add modern lines, there was used stainless steel for windowsills. Also, we have changed the color of two main doors to claret red, in contrast to the facade, that emphasizes its importance and focuses on such details as golden metal handles of the door. For decorating the facade and ornamental details there was used natural stone. The new block is rectangular and it is connected with the central one. There was placed the logo of the hotel on the southern facade. Resurrecting the old building creates an interesting contrast to the new block, that is completely different in form, style, facing, as well as in scale. It is noteworthy that the ornaments and the paintings that are in the old block will be restored and fit the interior of the main entrance.

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