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Private House in Tvaladi

Project information
Our service Architecture · Interior design
Year 2020
Location Village Tvaladi / Kaspi Region / Georgia
Area 700 sqm
Project status In progress
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava
Render by Paralel
Project description

Private house in Tvaladi represents a synthesis of old and new, that is expressed by the combination of modern forms and the old stone façade. One-storey volume is built of stone and wood constructions, which are to some extent a large part of the interior. Large format apertures on the façade allow us to turn the surrounding nature into the part of the interior and get the volume better combined with the environment. The interior focuses on the symbiosis of rough and subtle elements and their balance. There was placed a cellar perpendicularly to the house, with the same architectural visual that creates an overall composition of the area.

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