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The Concert Hall of Georgian State National Ensemble Erisioni

Project information
Our service Architecture
Year 2019
Location Tbilisi / Georgia
Area 10 000 Sqm
Project status In progress
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava / Amiran Shariphashvili / Vakhtang Tskhovrebashvili
Project description

The dominant trend of architecture of the seventies and eighties of the 20th century is most clearly revealed in public-purpose buildings. This type of building is the “House of Medics”, as its architecture reflects the general architectural tendencies of the period. The rehabilitated construction has been adapted to the needs of the rehearsal/concert halls and storage rooms of the State Ensemble Erisioni.

In the reconstruction project we maintain the basic architectural composition. The existing building remains intact, but there will be added a rehearsal hall on the top of the roof, preserving the relationship between the longitudinal extent and the tower-like part above the stage. The façade of the existing construction is fully lined with tufa stone from Bolnisi. In order to create contrast, we decided to line the new floor with red travertine. We used arches made of the same stone to create a visual connection with the existing building. Besides, some of these arches are applied as apertures. Stainless steel reflective panels are used to visually lighten the building, covered with stone and add it some modern features.

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