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Multi-functional Living Complex

Project information
Customer Idea Melikishvili
Our service Architecture
Year 2016
Location Melikishvili St. / Tbilisi / Georgia
Area 10 500 Sqm
Project status Finished
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava / Mariam Karchkhadze
Project description

The project area is located in the city center, at the crossing of Varaziskhevi and Melikishvili street. In order to build a multi-functional residential complex on this plot, we decided to replicate the curved contour of the area, from Varaziskhevi to the historical building on Melikishvili street. There are Underground parking, commercial and office spaces, residential apartments and 2 penthouses on 2 underground and 8 upper ground floors.

We created an architectural look of the facade in two different styles. On the main facade, looking over Melikishvili street and on the rounded angle of the building, there are used classic-style elements, made of modern materials, such as the window ornaments of glossy metal and modernized French balconies, protruding from the facade. They represent interesting elements for the interior of the apartment, as well as overall architectural image. The facade bordering Varaziskhevi, is more geometric, with a square metal grid, rectangular windows and circular details on it. We aimed to design the construction that would spark interest in a viewer and bring diversity to the environment. In order to lighten the overall volume of the building we decided to face the floor of the penthouse with reflective metal tiles that would reflect everything around it.

We arranged commercial spaces in the gallery with the decorated facade, the same rhombic texture is used on the floor of gallery, too. On the ceiling, we decided to create a faintly-lit composition made of brutal forms of concrete, that would be an interesting contrast to the lightness of completely glazed windows.

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