MOTIF - Display Your Vision

"MOTIF" dedicated its showroom space to artists working in Georgia and gave them an excellent opportunity to show their talent and vision by using the products presented in the showroom within the project Display Your Vision. 

Nini Tchanturia : The goal was to create a showcase that would follow the story and interest the viewer with that story. The MOTIF showroom is so diverse, interesting and constantly updated, it would be hard for me to pick just a few specific items and dedicate an exhibition space to them. So I created an orderly chaos, and to implement my idea I invented a story, the main characters of which, in the background of the showcase, are figures from a painting by Giorgi Tsutskiridze. They are primitive people of primitive form who have gone from the past to the future, trying to steal a "treasure" from a broken showcase on a wooden log. The picture depicts a battle scene. I think each item in the interior expresses a person's personality, reflects his nature, affects the mood. Therefore, it is important to select all the elements correctly when designing. I believe that the items I use are not only valuable items that end the history, but also a very valuable asset that may become a "treasure" for the future owner. It was this idea that gave rise to the name of the installation "Treasure of the Future".

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