"Love, NS..." - Exhibition of NS Product's latest collection

"Love, NS" -was the name of a series of installations we presented on February 16, in Gallery #9. The exhibition is dedicated to the different phases of love and the range of emotions people in real relationships experience. Chairs from our first collection, "San" and "An" are the main elements of the exhibition. Alongside them, we presented "Kissing Chair" is presented, which plays the culminating role of the exposition with its monumental forms and character.

From locking eyes with one another to full commitment, a couple goes through different ranges of emotion. For Valentine’s day, we wanted to recreate this voyage with different textiles, patterns, shapes, and forms.

In our new collection, “Love, NS…” the five stages of a relationship are expressed chronologically through five different episodes:

First episode - "Where are we headed?"

The first installation represents the initial stage of the relationship, when nothing is certain or guaranteed in the connection between two people, when they are waiting with interest and calm excitement to see how their spark grows.  "Does he like me? Does he like me not?" - The questions that capture our minds are symbolically presented in the form of daisies. The colorful, natural textiles emphasize the simplicity and beauty of this episode and its subtext.

Second episode - "You’ve got mail!"

The second episode is dedicated to the next, transitional phase of the relationship, which seems endless. While two people are waiting for their relationship to evolve, many topics of conversation are born, which seems to make this time-long process even more emotional and exciting. You start wondering where he is, what he’s doing, what he’s listening to, how he spends his time. To portray irresistible correspondence, the second episode of the collection features paper planes flying in the air.

The third episode - "Mist has fallen"

Mentioning mist in the title of this episode is symbolic. Just like real relationships, we don't know how long the mistiness will last, how strong it will be, what circumstances it will create. Therefore, this point of a relationship is vague, a bit gloomy, incomprehensible and sometimes painful. A path full of obstacles can only be overcome through joint efforts, patience, listening and forgiveness. Because of the barrier created by the natural, rough materials between them, the textured chairs are forced to stand at opposite sides of each other. Background of this installation is decided in a dark tone, to intensify the content of the episode.

Fourth episode - "I still love you...Me too"

After overcoming difficulties together, compromising, and finding a common ground again, the original feelings become even stronger and the relationship strengthens. As a result of consideration and understanding of the past episodes, we realize that all important questions have been answered. In this phase of the relationship, we are no longer searching, asking new questions, and aggravating each other. We are continuing the path started by fortune-telling with daisies with new energy. Past difficulties are now cheered and treasured, as we smile and think about the recently-overcome crisis. The chairs, made in the colors of the sky and the sun, are situated side by side, standing together and moving towards something huge together.

Fifth episode - "Love, NS"

As the last, unifying element of the collection, we created the "Kissing Chair" which has a symbolic configuration and content. By combining the two "San" chairs from our first collection, we created a monumental shape, which is thematically decided in red. In essence, this episode is final - we sit and look into each other's eyes. We see, hear and talk about everything without words. And, what matters the most is that the one we love is here, sitting in front of us. Nothing else around us, good or bad, matters anymore, because this episode is only about us - for those who have gone through the other four phases with understanding and appreciation. “Love, NS…” is the end and the beginning at the same time - while the episodes end, real love begins. 

Photographer: Guram Kapanadze

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