NS Studio and NS Product in the spring issue of AMARTA magazine

NS Studio and NS Product were in the spotlight of the spring 2023 issue of AMARTA magazine. Luka Chaganava and Nini Tchanturia, founders of the practice, brought up the topic of Gesamtkunstwerk - philosophy of synthetical art in architecture - in the interview conducted by AMARTA, and explained how this phenomenon directs their approach to architecture and product design. Our latest project, The Radisson Kutaisi is one of the starter pages of the issue and we’re excited that AMARTA broke the big news to the general public about it. 

Luka and Nini reminisced about founding NS Studio together in 2013. Since then, a small practice has expanded into a big collective united around the idea of creating high-grade architectural projects to enrich their surrounding environment with a sense of relief, and harmony. 

Last year, NS Studio launched a product line to further materialize their vision and create an independent platform for generating design ideas. Since the beginning of the company’s history, product design was a big part of each of NS Studio’s projects, but each item made by the team was unique and specifically made according to the vibe of various spaces. After worthwhile experiments and research, NS Product and its first collection - “TAKE A SEAT, WE ARE STARTING” was launched, which, as the founders say, is just the beginning for this conceptual, handmade furniture art. 

A little about AMARTA:

AMARTA magazine, a high-end international publication for lovers of fashion/art, is published by Amarta Ltd quarterly. As the trends and standards in the publishing industry change constantly, AMARTA chooses to be a conceptually rich magazine striving to have a multifunctional approach to a number of issues, accentuating analytics and a diverse perception of current events. AMARTA is known for its curatorial works/shootings integrating fashion stories/moments with different designers, artists, models, and choreographers from all over the world.

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