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Apartment near Tennis court

Project information
Our service Interior design
Year 2017
Location Tbilisi / Georgia
Area 160 sqm
Project status Finished
Project team Nini Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava
Photographer Nick Paniashvili
Brands used Neolith / Co edition / Foscarini / Ton
Project description

The total living space according to the customer was divided into three bedrooms, storage rooms and a large common space. Therefore, our task was to create a space that would be comfortable, practical and cozy at the same time. The emphasis is on neutral tones and natural materials. Given the size of the kitchen, we decided to cover it with gray stone tiles and turn it into a decorative element in the common space. Pastel green columns and railings separate the dining and seating areas from each other. The main elements of the room are a sharp green velvet sofa, a chair with black fur and a black circular lamp with a decorative inner covering. The combination of these elements, colors, textures, create a feeling of coziness and peace.

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