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Center Of Innovation

Project information
Our service Architecture
Year 2019
Location Tbilisi / Georgia
Area 4 500 Sqm
Project status In progress
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava / Amiran Shariphashvili / Nikoloz Jabadari / Vakhtang Tskhovrebashvili
Project description

Our goal was to make the architectural appearance of the building relevant to its function – modern, innovative, memorable. We aimed to create the space that would arouse viewer’s interest, expectation, feelings of novelty. All the materials, textures and colors are interconnected and serve the purpose of constructing a key building of common development. Considering the project, we decided to divide the area into two underground and two upper ground floors. Our aim was to use a large space fully, via horizontal layout and create an internal space that would emphasize the simple and pleasant connection of the zones. For this we arranged an indoor recreation space on the large atrium floor, that makes infrastructure Eco-friendly. Besides, the atrium floors allow the maximum use of natural light.

The upper two floors of the building are designed for research block and spaces needed for learning process. On the first floor there are all the scientific blocks, which are connected with a large common verdant space. On the ground floor there will be a main exhibition space, through which you get in the Greek-style Amphitheater on the 1st basement floor. The 180-seat theater contains all the necessary space for guests, as well as the zones connected with indoor corridor, for staff and participants. On the 2nd basement floor there is a conference room for 250 persons. It is noteworthy that the common corridor between the amphitheater and the conference room makes it easy to connect these two spaces.

With the combination of massive and light details there is created the overall look of the building. Curved shapes and circular windows make the construction more distinctive. The introduction of pastel maroon on the facade facilitated the perception of the curved shapes and added contrast to other materials. We chose a light-weight metal grid for finishing the facade layer that creates a specific membrane and holds the volume. The architecture behind it is more transient and interesting for both, natural and artificial lighting. We should note the transition of the maroon to the stainless steel on the composite panel which extends as the ceiling of the ground floor and the packaging of the amphitheater. We glazed the space of the lobby that allowed us to make the exterior as a component of the interior and vice versa. Through this decision we managed to create a spectacular space, that makes even a passer-by to become a part of the architectural look of the building.

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